Correct installation of you graphics will ensure the best results from our product.

-Remove any old graphics/stickers from the plastics and ensure that they are entirely clean. 
-This includes all glue and other residue.
-I have used Brake Cleaner, Goo Gone, and Contact Cleaner in the past.  As always, try it first on an inconspicuous area to be sure these chemicals will not harm your plastics.
-Wash with warm, soapy water and allow to air dry.

-Take your time, do not rush.
-I never recommend using water or soapy water for application.  It is not needed and will often times make it more difficult
-Start with small pieces in obvious locations if this is your first time.
-Align graphics to the panel/piece and get a feel for how it should fit
-Peel/fold backer paper behind and begin applying decal. 
-Slowly apply decal to plastic, making sure it is remaining aligned.  Peel backer paper off as you go.
-If you notice that the decal is not going to align properly, you can peel it off and try again.  This is quality material and you can get away with this probably 6 or 7 times before it just won't want to stick.
-If needed, Use a hair dryer or heat gun to make the decal more pliable.  NOTICE- it only requires a small amount of heat
-Once all graphics are applied, I recommend that you go back over and lightly heat them with hair dryer/heat gun.

If you aren't certain about the process or have additional questions, see one of the many installation tutorials available online.